Equitable Distribution

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The majority of divorces involve a union that has accumulated a large amount of marital property that can include debts, real estate, businesses, trust funds, joint or separate accounts, insurance, assets, pensions, or other investments. In these complex situations, many divorcing couples have problems reaching agreements with each other about how to fairly divide their property. Equitable distribution demands three tasks:

  • The categorization of property as separate or marital assets
  • Evaluation of the belongings and property
  • Distribution of property to the separate spouses

Fair outcomes for both parties

Generally, courts favor the lumping of assets into a marital estates, and any parties claiming separate property will need to provide evidence to support their claim. If you believe that division of property may be an issue of contentment, contacting one of our experience family law attorneys can help greatly. We are determined to find just outcomes to both members of the divorcing parties, and have the legal experience to efficiently and fairly determine what will be an equitable division of marital assets. Whether you are in total agreement over your assets or are disputing over separate property, please don’t hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Anatoly Kissen at 718-891-0007 in order to streamline the process of Equitable Distribution.

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