Establishing Paternity

When the paternity of a child is in question, either the mother, the father, or the child can request determination from a court. Usually private actions for paternity are brought to the court by the mother in order to obtain child support ­ the state will process the action through a prosecutor's office when the mother applies for public assistance, in order to reimburse the state for the aid that will be given. DNA testing based on a cheek swab conducted on all three parties will indicate a probability percentage of the child’s paternity ­ this can exclude people who are not the biological father, and show the percentage of likelihood of paternity for non­excluded parties.

Father’s Rights

If you believe that you have fathered a child, and the child’s mother will not cooperate with your visitation requests, you can retain a Father’s rights attorney to help assist you in creating a roadmap for establishing paternity and obtaining either visitation rights or custody of the child.

Whether you are the mother or father of the child, enlisting the skills of an experienced Family Court attorney will greatly benefit the outcome of all Paternity related cases. We at the Law Offices of Anatoly Kissen have the necessary experience, empathy, knowledge, and understanding to provide superior legal service to all and any parties involved in a legal Paternity dispute; if this is you, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 718-891-0007

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