Prenuptial and Settlement Agreements

Peace of Mind and Mutual Agreement

Prenuptial agreements, (often called pre­nups, or a premarital arrangement) is a contract that is entered into before marriage. The content of these agreements can range based on the desires, liabilities, and assets of the mutual parties, but they often focus on illustrating provisions for spousal support and the division of property in the case of divorce. Prenuptial agreements can help protect:

  • Financial Assets
  • Gifts and Inheritances
  • Professional or Business Practices
  • The value of professional or academic degrees
  • Future income increases
  • Any material property

Settlement agreements, in turn, focus on spousal and child support, illustrating issues such as custody and financial liability for child­based expenses in the case of divorce. Not only can prenuptial and settlement agreements ease much stress and strife in the event of divorce, but they can actually take much of the pressure and stress off the marriage itself. This is why we recommend undertaking a prenuptial agreement to any parties that want to begin a family together. If you are interested in obtaining a prenuptial agreement, or wish to put a settlement agreement into legal action, please contact our law offices at 718-891-0007 for the experience and support that you need.

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