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We help determine what’s best for your child[ren]

Our experienced attorneys help counsel our clients through every aspect of child support, from establishing and modifying existing support protocols, to enforcing the payment of support funds. Sometimes, determining the proper child support amount can involve complicated financial mathematical analysis. If needed, our offices can collaborate with expert accountants who can analyze all financial disclosures to determine any hidden income sources. We are also skilled at resolving child support disputes in a peaceful, and mutually agreed­upon fashion.

What determines child support:

Add on expenses that effect variable support payments include:
  • Child Care
  • Educational Costs
  • Extra­Curricular activities
  • Healthcare

Each attorney at the Offices of Anatoly Kissen have the wide knowledge and experience to assist in family court matters of Child Support and provisional Education costs. We know how to fight for all aspects of your legal case, and make our priority the establishment of a sustainable and stable supportive environment for your child. If you are looking for the best NYC child support lawyer for your needs, look no further than our offices; we understand the individual needs of your child, as well as the necessity of coming to an agreement in as peaceful and equitable a fashion as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact our offices at 718-891-0007 for assistance regarding claims of Child and Educational support.

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