Adjustment of Status

What is an AOS?

Adjustment of Status applications allow foreign nationals who currently live in the United States to modify their immigration status. These applications are meant to assist temporary visa holders obtain immigrant­track visas, as well as a path to permanent residency and citizenship. This can all be accomplished without having to return to one's home country to complete the visa processing. This takes several steps; first, the immigrant category must be determined, and an Immigration Petition must be filed, through form I­485. After your application is filed, you will have to appear at an Application Support Center for biometrics (fingerprint/signature collection) as well as a potential interview at a USCIS office, where you will answer questions under an oath or affirmation. Then, you simply get your final decision in the mail.

How we help.

The AOS attorneys at the Law Office of Anatoly Kissen are dedicated to helping each of our immigrant clients achieve their personal level of the American Dream. We understand that plans can change rapidly ­ and in order to make sure that all of our clients can continue building and improving their lives in the United States, we provide a wide range of Adjustment of Status services ­ including assistance with form submission, determining legal visa status, interview preparation, and much more. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want efficient and optimal results regarding your Adjustment of Immigration Status.

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