What is asylum?

Asylum protection covers individuals with a fear of persecution in their originating country. For the most part, asylum is granted to individuals already in the United States, or through US embassies. In order to apply for asylum, you will need to work with an experienced immigration attorney at providing well­documented proof of your fear of persecution; if you are granted asylum, you will be given permission to work, and can apply for a green card. Persecution loosely covers fear of torture, death, imprisonment, rape, and other marginalization. How can I be eligible for asylum?

In order to qualify as eligible for asylum you must be able to prove that you:
  • Cannot return to your country of origin due to a fear of past or future persecution
  • Your persecution is a result of you religion, nationality, race, social standing, sexual orientation, or political views.

Anybody inside the United States, of any legal immigration status, can apply for asylum. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Anatoly Kissen in order to talk to an experienced attorney to help prepare your application for asylum status.

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